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Our Journey


Experience 1987-2019

 32 years of experience has taught us:

  • that people who are encouraged to take charge of their own learning experience are significantly more likely to succeed in business than those who are taught by a teacher or trainer;
  • that the Trainer (facilitator) is the natural mentor for fledgling businesses;
  • that true mentoring is a meeting between equals and not a top-down approach;
  • that it is dangerous to ignore the mindset or world-view of learners; (Those that believe that others are responsible for their poverty will not easily choose to take responsibility for their own economic destinies);
  • that it is more effective to work with individuals than with groups such as production cooperatives;
  • that debt (whether in the form of credit or loans) is not a blessing for poor people.



More than 6 000 delegates have attended our Trainer-Mentor courses since 1991 in several different countries in sub-Saharan Africa and Latin America.

  • This intensive 4-day course requires potential Trainer-Mentors to complete the 14 workbooks that comprise the 3 versions of Micro-MBA, prior to the first day of the course.
  • Only facilitators that have been certificated by Trident Institute are permitted to offer the course.
  • Micro-MBA training materials are ordered from Trident Institute.
  • The trainers’ course typically takes place in Cape Town, but may be offered anywhere in the world (terms and conditions apply).
  • The skills required to be a good Trainer and Mentor are very similar to those that make a good business manager. Management Development programmes are available on request.

Certificated Trainer-Mentors my purchase Micro-MBA training sets to empower their clients.

The Micro-MBA Course

This learner-driven, outcomes-based course has been successfully completed by nearly 200 000 learners in Africa and Latin America.

  • The course covers the basic skills needed to start or improve a micro or small business.
  • Micro-MBA is currently available in English, Spanish, French, Portuguese and Chichewa. 
  • Learners work at their own pace through 8 simple workbooks, for either Traders, Producers or Service Providers.
  • Learners with a Grade 6 literacy capability will take about 32 hours to complete the workbooks. Some may finish in less time and some will need more. 
  • The work is always completed in the presence of a trained facilitator.
  • Illiterate people are encouraged to bring a literate friend or relative with them to the course. In this way two can be trained for the price of one!

Who Are We?


Master Trainer & CEO Cedric Buffler

Master Trainer & CEO Cedric Buffler

Master Trainer & CEO Cedric Buffler

Cedric  joined the Triple Trust Organisation in 1987. The One-Up Business Training programme created within TTO was renamed “Micro-MBA” in the year 2000. The course and the training of trainers have been developed and refined by Trident Institute between 1991 and the present. 

  • Trainers and Mentors have been trained throughout Africa and in Latin America. 
  • They have provided basic business skills to nearly 200 000 emerging entrepreneurs. 


Master Trainer Marinus Bell

Master Trainer & CEO Cedric Buffler

Master Trainer & CEO Cedric Buffler

CPUT graduate, Marinus lives out his passion for education and development. 

  • Using neuroscience as the foundation for his interventions, he qualified as a Micro-MBA Master Trainer in 2017. He has empowered new Trainer-Mentors for Ivanplats Mines  in Kinshasa and in Limpopo Province (RSA).
  • He offers both the basic Micro-MBA, as well as the Trainer-Mentor course.


We'll train your trainers anywhere!

Master Trainer & CEO Cedric Buffler

We'll train your trainers anywhere!

Initially developed in the townships of Cape Town in 1987, the Micro-MBA has emerged as a useful weapon for alleviating poverty.  We have been training trainers since 1990.

  • NGOs, CBOs, FBOs and training companies utilise community-based Trainer-Mentors offer basic business skills to existing and aspirant entrepreneurs in many countries in Africa and Latin America.
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Marinus in Kinshasa

When we train trainers, they learn (amongst many other things), a very simple method to assess the viability of any business. Music is a great memory-booster, so we teach them a simple song to help them remember the formula. Here is Master-Trainer Marinus Bell with this group of French delegates in Kinshasa . . . 

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