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Micro-MBA Trainers Empower SMMEs to Start a Business and to Grow it.

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Our Approach

Our vision is to develop Micro-MBA "Trainer-Mentors" all over the world. These community-based facilitators then offer the Micro-MBA to the local people oin their own language.

The Micro-MBA Course

The Micro-MBA course comprises 8 simple workbooks which are based on what demonstrably works at grassroots level. The classroom component is run over about 5 days and this is followed by  at least 3 months of mentoring.

Brief History

Starting in 1987, the course was initially developed over a period of 6 years and it has been been updated at regular intervals since then.

Follow this link to download testimonies of Micro-MBA graduates.

About us

31 years of experience with nearly 200 000 emerging entrepreneurs has taught us many things.

In the process, we have become the gurus at what does not work in small and micro-business development! (We've also learned a few things that do work).

Micro-MBA is International!

"We did research in many nations to find a program that could empower people to escape from poverty before I was introduced to Cedric in 2007 and we launched the program in Latin America in 2017 when he trained 21 trainers from 9 different countries.

We are excited to be rolling out this effective training in Latin America and in Spanish communities in USA".


Since 1991 we have experienced much joy in seeing 1000s of emerging entrepreneurs being empowered by means of Micro-MBA. We’ve also had some recognition. 

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